[ Real Term ]
a powerful new technology from Infogistics which combines the flexibility of a query-based search with guided browsing capabilities of directories.
[ Xtractor ]
an engine that sifts through large volumes of texts, creates database records for the objects in the texts and identifies their relationships.
[ NLProcessor ]
segments texts into sentences, disambiguates sentence starting words, assigns the correct reading of the word given the context and groups words into syntactic structures.
[ XML Zoner ]
flexible set of re-usable components for segmenting texts into their structural parts (paragraphs, tables, titles)

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Products and Services

Infogistics' products utilise new advanced document understanding and clustering technology developed by world-leading experts in the fields of Information Retrieval and Document Understanding. All Infogistics' products are XML and Internet enabled and can be integrated easily into existing workflow systems, from large bespoke enterprise installations to multiple workstations running Microsoft Office!

Infogistics' RealTerm allows users to sift through large information repositories to easily identify whether the information they require is present in the collection, and if it is, to quickly and intuitively retrieve precisely the documents they want. Working on the basis that a user 'will now it when they see it' the RealTerm engine will suggest alternative keywords and terms that the user can explicitly include or exclude from the search and then quickly drill down into the right kind of documents.

One of the first application of Infogistics' advanced text-extraction technology was Human Resource domain. Xtractor was trained to read and understand candidates resumes, identifying personal information, major skills, employment history and qualifications from them. Xtractor since then has been applied across a variety of domains, ranging from extraction of content from news to extraction of product specifications from various on-line sources.

Infogistics also supplies core technologies for text processing - NLProcessor and XMLZoner which are currently used in over 900 organisations across the world. These are enabling technologies which are usually integrated into larger solutions for enhancing their capabilities in management of textual information.

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